Mass delete fans from your facebook page

We all really sweat it out to see that number ticking higher when it comes to the number of fans on our facebook page. And here I am, talking about deleting them. That too not one or two, but mass delete. Call it a massacre :) .

Reasons are not many, to actually have a need, for this mass deletion of fans. However, when it matters, it’s painful. It’s pain full to say good bye to the fans and it’s more painful to actually implement.

One obvious reason why, we had to, mass delete the fans from QubiqSquare facebook page was that we wanted to change the page name. When we started off on facebook, our page name was Qubiq Square Placements since we were, at that point of time, working as  HR placement consultants. And we had more than 3000 fans over a period of one year. However, later, we decided to stop that line of business and shift our focus completely on to digital marketing and web development. Hence we decided to change the page name to Qubiq Square. However unfortunately, facebook does not allow you to change the page name if it exceeds 200 fans (as of now, may change later). We were much ahead of this number.

Now the only choice we were left out with was either to create a new page and go through the fan building process from scratch or delete around 2800 fans and bring down the fan count to 199 and rename the page. We finally decided on the later. It was always better, we thought to start from 199 fans than to start from no fans. And you should be really kidding if you are thinking that we actually deleted 2800 fans one by one. Huh!

After lots of head banging and googling, we zeroed in to try a solution. And Voila! It worked. It just worked. Here is a presentation for you all to know and understand how easily you can be a master of this massacre :)

Hope you liked it and it was helpful to you and your team.

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